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A nine-day program of ‘Navratra-Manisha Evam Ram-Janamotsava’was organized by Kuruom Vidyalaya, a CBSE affiliated school in Koroun, Dhanpatganj, Sultanpur (UP) and Institute of Advanced Sciences, USA in collaboration with TCN Media on the occasion of Chaitra-Navratri from 2nd April,2022 to 10th April, 2022.Two hours long daily program, wasdivided into two parts- first half includes Ram-Katha, narration of life story of Lord Ram and the other includes sharing of views on Lord Rama, his life, and the second half with narration of nine Devis and role of the women in present society. These views wereexpressed and presented by the teachers of Kuruom Vidyalaya and by invited guests/scholars. These talks consisted of a combination of ancient religious & cultural beliefs along with their individual opinions.

The inaugural & valedictory addresses by Prof. Bal Ram Singh, Director, INADS and Manager, Kuruom Vidyalaya, enlightened the audiences about the concept of this program and significance of such programs for the present society. He explained the role of Women by referring to one of his published articles ‘Nava-Durgā as Ideal Model for the Development of Women to Attain their Natural Full Potential’ at Vedic WAVES Blog.

 This time ‘Ayodhya Kanda’ of Ramcharitmanas was recited by Pandit Ramchandra Mishra ‘Ramayni Awadh’. He narratedmany instances of ‘Ayodhya Kanda’ not only as part of the story but also relevant interpretations enriched with philosophical & cultural aspects of this eternal Katha. Also, Pandit Mishra cited many examples from Vedic period drawing attention of many scholars to have a fruitful discussion after the recitation of Katha.


The teachers of Kuruom Vidyalaya expressed their views on ‘Nav-Durga and The Role ofPresent Women’. They highlighted thatt women in India areconsidered as a symbol of power as it has been said that the entire universe is originated from woman. From Vedic scriptures to Manusmriti the glory of Women is well documented. Sh. Sushil Kumar Mishra, Ms. Nasreen Bano, Sh. Kesri Prasad Tiwari, Sh. Chandra Bhushan Mishra, Ms. Mala Pandey,to name a few among the teachers who shared their views

There were many interactive discussions initiated by scholars like Dr. Umesh Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, INADS, whoemphasized on the legal side of the 14 years exile of Lord Ram;Dr. Alka Sharma, Entrepreneur, explained the importance of fasting ritual; Sh. Tushar Mukherjee, Engineer, informed about the cultural differences in performing rituals like Durga-Puja;Dr. Usha Lal, Zoologist,discussed that one should include the practice of these customs in our day to day activities, and many others also expressed their valuable thoughts during the program. On this occasion, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, President Kuruom Vidyalaya, and Mrs. Shagufa Afzal, Principal Kuruom Vidyalaya, were also presented in the program and shared their views

There were other attractions of the program,such as bhajans like ‘Mahishashur Mardini’by Vidushi Rashmi Chaudhury, Assistant Director, AIR, Lucknow & Classical Singer; Dr. Ranjana Agrahari,Indian Semi Classical and Folk Singer; Ms. Rajni Singh, MPA, Indian Classical Music, Awadh University and Kathak Performance by Ms. Prisha Jha. All these cultural presentations were melodious lifting up the spiritual essence of the program. Also, a few students of Kuruom Vidyalaya - Mr. Avneesh Mishra, Mr. Rajbal Singh, Miss Anchal Yadav too enthusiastically presented their views in the program.

This whole event for all nine days was found very interesting by many who attended through Zoom or viewed live on INADS Facebook page. Few observations made wereas follows – बहुतसुन्दरकार्यक्रमआयोजितकरनेकेलिएसभीआयोजकमंडलीकोसाधुवाद,Sh.Tushar Mukherjee, Mumbai; ‘These nine evenings were really a smooth sailing in Ram-katha as Ramayana is a spiritual divine ocean, full of nectar. Kuruom School and TCN media deserve a clapping. INADS must be praised.’, Dr. Dhananjaya Bhanja, Gujarat; ‘Dr. Rashmi ji had entered in the great divine 'Active-samaadhi' type mood while making her second presentation on 'jaya bhagavati devi --- '. She reached and carried all careful listeners to the yaatra or pilgrimage of the divine concept of the 'Gandharva_loka'., Dr. Dhananjay Ghare, Bangalore; ‘Very pleasantly coordinated by Madam Sinha and Dr. Aparna!’, Sh. Charan JS Manektala, Indiana. 

The nine-days long event ended with a feeling of joy and satisfaction in all, as such programs though spiritual in nature, yet highlight the philosophical aspects in society. Concluding remarks by Prof. Bal Ram Singh and Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Shagufa Afzal to all who have attended and participated in this event was presented at the end. The event was coordinated by Dr. Aparna Dhir Khandelwal, Assistant Professor, INADS and Ms. Anuja Sinha, Director, TCN Media. Few media reports of this program were also published by Visvasya Vrutanta Daily Sanskrit Newspaper published from Surat, Gujarat.