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Rules and Information

    Every student should carry the diary with her/him everyday.

    The warning bell before the class is a signal for all students to go to their respective classrooms. This should be done in silence. Second bell will be a signal to start the Morning Prayer and to close the main gate.

    It is must to converse in English in school campus for all students.

    Students are not permitted to attend parties, see movies and go to friends or relative’s houses on their way to school.

    Guardians are not permitted to walk into classrooms and meet the teachers during class hours.

    Students will not receive private tuition from school teacher without permission of school principal.

    Enrolment in Kuruom Vidyalaya employeeson the part of peoples and parents willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.

    Parents are requested to check the diary of the child every day and ensure that instructions are being followed by their wards properly. They must also spare enough time to assist in their children studies.

    A minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days require during the academic year falling short of which, the student will not be allowed to take their examination that year .

    All entries of absence, late coming or half day leave should be made into the school diary.