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Date: June 17, 2021 A nine-day program of Navratra-manisha and Ram Janmotsav was jointly organized by INADS, USA and Kuruom school, India in collaboration with TCN Media on the occasion of Navratri. In the tradition of India, nine forms of Shakti are considered as female form, which people worship for nine days of Navratri. INADS and Kuruom school with TCN Media organised a nine-day program from 13th to 21st April, 2021. It was telecast Live on INADS Facebook page. In a two-hour program every day, the first hour was utilized for the narration of life story of Ram, and the following hour was used for discussion over the Ram Katha and then speeches by two invited teachers of Kuruom school. Ram Janmotsav (birthday of Ram) was celebrated on the 9th day of the Navratri program. Many scholars from different parts of the world attended the program. Some of them also shared their thoughts. Classical music performance by a well-known classical singer Dr. Rashmi Chaudhury, Director of All India Radio, Lucknow, added to the splendor of the program. Prof. Bal Ram Singh, President, INADS and Mrs. Shagufa Afzal, Principal, Kuruom school were also present in the program. The program was hosted by Dr. Aparna (Dhir) Khandelwal and Anuja Sinha. Women Power & Role Model